The Completion Specialists leadership team has over 140 years of industry experience in planning and executing major capital projects around the globe. During our industry’s rich history, a technology revolution has transformed the way we go about conducting our operations. In order to meet today’s challenges, CSI developed a process which better serves our clients in using new technology to save time, money and improve well performance.

The CSI Process not only enables us to develop a plan which incorporates new technology but also to utilize best practices we painstakingly learned in new innovative well operational procedures. We have found that companies that omit a process step are prone to have more non-productive time occur during the operation. Your company can count on CSI to implement the seven-stage process into your project no matter how large or small.  This is our commitment to you for relying on our expertise to do it the right way the first time.

High level highlights of the process are as follows:

Meet:  Converse with client to understand scope of project so the project team can frame the technical aspects.

Research:  Research previous developments in the area and comb through the well files to formulate a general plan for development and gain a sense of potential challenges.

Plan:  Prepare project requirements based on the unique challenges which may be encountered. Recognize if special mechanical needs are required for well design. Utilize new technology when justified and study project alternatives. Establish a list of partnering companies and define the specific role of each entity.

Develop:  Work with partnering companies and vendors to identify equipment technical requirements and establish delivery timelines. Prepare project cost estimates based on the first four process steps.

Present:  Meet with client to present recommendations, costs and highlight technical challenges.

Design:   Submit and obtain permits as required. Perform FAT or SIT requirements to qualify specialty equipment if required. Prepare detailed procedures and supporting documentation to execute project.

Execute: Execute the project while frequently reporting progress and critical path timelines to client and partnering companies.