The CSI Process

Developing a plan which incorporates new technology and best practices into procedures saves time and money


Converse with clients to understand scope of project so project team can frame technical aspects.


Research area field and well files to formulate a general plan for development and gain a sense of potential challenges.


Prepare project requirements. Recognize if special mechanical needs are required for well design. Utilize new technology when justified and study project alternatives. Establish list of partnering companies and define role of each entity.


Work with partnering companies and vendors to identify technical requirements and establish timelines. Prepare project cost estimates.


Meet with clients to present recommendations and highlight technical challenges.


Submit and obtain permits as required. Perform FAT or SIT requirements to qualify specialty equipment if required. Prepare detailed procedures and supporting documentation to execute project.


Execute project while frequently reporting progress and critical path timelines to clients and partnering companies.

What makes CSI special?

A person’s character is the most important starting point in becoming a part of the CSI Team. When you call CSI for help, you will be working with the best SMEs the industry has to offer.