CSI’s deepwater drilling,
completion, subsea engineers
and wellsite supervisors
are up to the challenge

This is no time to find out
details were overlooked

SME in extended horizontal
well multi-stage, high-density
frac techniques

CSI thrives in inland
water environments

At the end of the day,

our clients are satisfied customers


Completion Specialists, Inc. (CSI) was established by Shelby White in 1992 as COPECO, which provided a single-person consulting engineering service centering on drilling, completion, and workovers. In 2003, Shelby changed the name to Completion Specialists, Inc. to reflect the company’s redirected focus on providing specialized completion engineering services. He added additional people to the company, and in-turn, enabled employees to become owners in the company. The company is 100% employee owned.

CSI has a gratified history of providing high-quality engineers during the up and down cycles associated with the oil and gas industry. This capability allows CSI to supply our clients with the most technically astute workforce the industry has to offer. Our rich history in providing technical expertise has taken us around the world overseeing the evolution of many of the world’s first major capital projects. We continue to augment CSI and client offices with high-quality experienced engineers who specialize in the drilling, completion and subsea phases of well construction for any major capital project.